ppened, which the zoo managers do not deny. The zoos -- both privately operated -- have been facing financial

meters, opened in 2000


species and/or their products." On the same day▓, the first cat diagnosed with A/H1N1 virus was fo▓und in the United States, following cases of A/H1N1 flu in ▓turkeys that emerged in the American continents last▓ month. Animal welfare experts are calling for

toug▓her laws after a woman was found hoarding dozens o▓f cats in her tiny Beijing home.A series of online pictures have sparked outrage among pet lovers since they were released on a cats website movshow.com last week.Netizens released private information about cat owner Liu Hong, and criticized her as a cat abuser.Dozen of cats were pictur

and has 11 large,

  • aggressive animals, including tigers, lions, leopar
  • ds, black bears and w▓olves. PARIS, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -
  • - The recent identification▓ of A/H1N1 virus in d
  • ifferent animal species is "no additional cause for
  • alarm," the Paris-based World Organiza▓tion for A

nimal Health s

ed living together in a small 100 sq m courtya▓rd with trash scattered all over the grounds.The rooms wer▓e filled with excrement and food scraps."It was horribl▓e to go into there," a one writer who visited Liu's home i▓n

Johnny - aid Wednesday. T

he OIE confi


Tongzhou district on Monday."I, as well as other pe▓t lovers can't stand that bad environment for

cats."But the Liu said she loved the cats very much and wanted to do everything she could for them.She said she spent at least 2,000 yuan

($293) each month on them, the Beijing News reported.Liu refused to give any comment▓ to METRO yesterday."Perhaps it is not proper to s▓ay the woman 'abuses cats', but the cats deserved a bett▓er healthy living environment, more

rmed ▓it has re

food and better mental c▓are," said Zeng Li, who is in charge of the Lucky Cats organization, a homeless cat

protection non-government▓ organization founded in 2001."A pet owner should ▓assure that whether they could afford dogs or cats' welfare ▓when adopting them. If not, there will be a harm to th▓e animals.""This is not an individual case. It always happens across the country because many people still don▓'t know how to treat animals well," she said.She

  • ceived recent reports over new identification of A▓/H
  • 1N1 virus in animals other than pigs, saying the funct
  • i▓on of surveillance and reporting mechanisms was
  • well prove▓d. However, the organization notified tha
  • t "no evidence has suggested that animals play a

ny particular

called on the government to legislate new laws, which better protected animals and also to raise awareness among the g▓eneral public.China has long been under fire from abroad f▓or animal crue

Image 07

role in ep▓idemio

time for legislation," said Lin▓ Shiting, who has been helping homeless cats as a volunteer and for advocating animal rights for many y▓ears."Animal abuse cannot be tackled easil

Image 08

logy or the spread

heng said China has the Law on the Protectio▓n of Wild Life, which mainly protected those endangered species."But it doesn't take pets and other general crea

Image 05

of the pandemic H1N1 2009

ssue a specific law on animal welfare ▓and to crack down on animal mistreatment like the U▓S, India.Animal abusers should be punished with jail and

Image 06

virus among h

e right to life.A draft of the country's first law on animal welfare so far is under prop▓osal, which requires a fine of and two weeks detention for those fo

umans." Though i

und guilty of animal cruelty.The Chinese zodiac animal for the year of 2009 is the Ox. And it's no surprise that this good friend of the human race has be

t still proposed prude

en seen more frequently in everything from stage and screen, to style and home decoration. Now, there's an animated series called "Go! Calf" that will start playing every day on China Central

nt certification on



insisted on not im

posing specific measures for int
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